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Nomos Ivory is a boutique home staging company. We work with a short, limited client list so we can offer highly personalized service and focus on the creative aspects and special requirements of your specific project. Under the ideology of Less is More, we offer staging services to improve the aesthetics and marketability of your property

We keep our client list short being highly selective about the types of jobs we take on, so you have our attention and dedication.

What does Nomos Ivory Staging services include?

  • We will provide furniture and accessories to the entire home. Accessories include artwork, lighting, area rugs, plants/trees/floral arrangements, table settings, bedding, and other decorative accessories as appropriate.

  • All furniture and inventory that we use in your home are from our own inventory. To maintain the best quality and most up to date styles, we do not rent any of our furniture or accessories to third parties. These range from affordable minimalistic brands to the most exclusive worldwide.

  • Fast response: Because we’re small and dedicated to you as one of our few clients, we can react and readjust quickly as projects evolve.

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